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Nissan X-Trail Specifications 2017

Nissan X-Trail - It seems that four-wheeled vehicles still continue to be a favorite choice for most people in Indonesia to meet their needs in their daily activities. The hustle and bustle of the highway that increasingly crowded the car will make almost all the car manufacturers are more incentive to produce their own products, including the manufacturer of Nissan Motor Indonesia which some time ago re-present a series of latest car type SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) that All New Nissan X-Trail that comes with a sporty and trendy style.

The feeling of this car for the middle class of course makes a lot of advantages and advantages that Nissan gives on this one car. Price Nissan X-Trail in bandrol more than 200 million rupiah indicates that this car is quite feasible to be an option. Elegant design, colorful, charming interior and also mempui performance become part of the advantages that will be in this car for automotive mate. Designed by offering a luxurious yet high-stability conce…
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Nissan Elgrand Specifications 2017 Review

Nissan Elgrand - The manufacturer of this car does have many types of car cars have excellent quality once. For this time nissan itself has introduced one type of car that is Nissan Elgrand that offers luxury and kenyamnan that you can feel. This premium MPV type car is a perfect car to be a family car or can also be a mainstay to accompany your daily activities.

In this car does offer luxury and comfort that doubled for you and your family, but also on this car has a very luxurious exterior design and stylsh. Not only the exterior, for the interior is also no less luxurious because it has a lot of seating, spacious cabin space and also features advanced features. With the give features of sophisticated features will certainly make the driver and passengers will feel more comfortable.
Then to eliminate the sense of saturation for passengers, the car is also presented entertainment features that can entertain the driver and passengers. These features can play songs that can be selected…

Nissan Navara Specifications 2017

Nissan Navara Specifications - After yesterday we discussed a product from Mitsubishi that is All New Strada Triton, now turn to Nissan which will introduce one of its product type Pick Up Truck. Nissan Navara is one of the mainstay products from Nissan that has a pretty tough performance by bringing the same design concept as a tough competitor that is Mitsubishi Strada Triton.

Although the concept of the design that displays the same as Mitsubishi Strada Triton, but for the price of Nissan Navara is priced cheaper than its competitors. Nissan is membaderol Pick Up this car with a relatively cheap price, but the performances displayed by this car is no less tough with its competitors. So for you who love adventure, this one car is perfect for you drive.
Nissan Navara car is indeed very handsome and masculine with a luxurious exterior and modern exterior. On the other hand this car is also very tough and reliable, because this car has been equipped with a bertype engine that is YD25DD…

Nissan Serena Specifications 2017

Nissan Serena - With so menjajikannya Indonesia market about the MPV car segment makes Nissan without a doubt issued a Nissan Serena, As of 2014 ago nissan serena selling well in the market Indonesia with typical body bongsor and other than other competitors, unmitigated car Has a capacity of 7 passengers this even seems sperti mini bus, despite having a big body but fuel consumption problems nissan serena is a fuel efficient car and environmentally friendly.

The price of Nissan Serena is marketed in Indonesia in bandrol with the price that it feels is not too expensive if we see the features contained therein, if you see the reliability of this nissan machine it is very fitting especially nissan Serena able to accommodate 7 people and can maintain stability even though Drove with full passengers, in a long journey nissan Serena can be spelled out very comfortable especially with the exterior and interior features that support make Serena nissan can be said to be very comfortable.
By c…

Nissan Murano And Specifications 2017

Nissan Murano - The car was first introduced by Nissan in December 2002, a car designed in Nissan America precisely in La Jolla California, the first generation of nissan murano using base platform FF-L Nissan which is also used third generation Altima, new in 2004 This car landed in europe market and only have one version only. In general this car is a kind of car CBU so buddy do not be surprised if bandaan Nissaan Murano very high.

Shown nyentrik Nissan Murano has a distinction from the outside is very clear because Nissan Murano in the present with a slightly quirky appearance but still cool. Being one type of car SUV, the price of nissan murani for the Indonesian market can be quite expensive because of the types and series of cars Murano nissan that there is an average dibandrol with the price of more than 300 million rupiah. Let alone CBU type car is an imported car whose price continues to rise.
SUV car that is designed in America has a distinctive dimension, as we know the Ame…

Nissan March Specifications 2017 Review

Nissan March  - By presenting a car full of innovation with staylist style it seems to have been in the previous observe by the manufacturer nissan who knows the needs of the majority of indonesian people who tend to need more mini cars, with more comfortable technology and additional features more sophisticated Embedded in this tiny car, with an increasingly petite Nissan seems to be choosing urban secrets.

This car comes with two different engine capacity that is 1.2 L and 1.5L for my friend who needs a more powerful car, Nissan March itself is a car type Hatchback, car hatcback from nissan itself has dipererstalkan since 1982, Hacback car is quite popular Recorded more than 6 million units Nissan March Sold since first introduced to the public in 1982, In Indonesia own car Nissan March was introduced in 2010 and recorded already 28 thousand units sold.
Still the same with the slogan Fashionably smart that makes the Nissan March Specifications on the exterior is changed with more st…

Note Nissan New Specifications 2017

Note Nissan New Specifications 2017 - Not long ago the Nissan automotive manufacturer has launched its newest car in the white elephant country of Thailand, the launch of the car which is named Nissan Note is marking the return of hissback car owned by the manufacturer nissan, the presence of Nissan note in Thailand will also follow in various other Asian countries Not to mention the automotive market homeland, because it is present in the class car hatcback then this car will certainly be competing with rivals that once had a name that is Honda Jazz.

Reportedly Nissan Note Price is quite cheap as a Hactback car is their key to be able to lure consumers, not hern later if more consumers will choose this car because of these factors, especially with the specs that are not much different from the Honda Jazz but the possibility of this car will be sold more Cheap from the rival, in thailand own car using HR12DE engine capacity of 198 cc that offers two transmission mode options.
Nissan N…